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Important Tips When Making an Application in Ottawa

Important Tips When Making an Application in Ottawa

1. Application Charges and Fees

a. We only accept payments by credit card. Payments will be processed in  Australian dollars only. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners and JCB cards only. A surcharge will apply. For information on the surcharge rates, please refer to: Fees and Charges for visas.

NOTE: In addition to the surcharge, you may incur banking and currency conversion fees and you accept the risks associated with any current fluctuations.

b. Payment must be in the correct amount (eg current applicable charge at the time the application is received in the office).

c. Payment is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.

NOTE: Your application cannot be considered valid for assessment and processing until payment issues are resolved.

Information on the current charges and fees and the Currency Converter is available from the Fees & Charges for visas page of Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.  

2. Non-Canadian citizens – legal visa status in Canada and supporting information

Applicants for temporary visas who are in Canada at the time of application are required to provide evidence of legal visa status for Canada. For example:

a. A permanent resident/immigrant MUST provide a copy of their Permanent Residence Card.
b. A person working in Canada MUST provide a copy of their Work Permit.
c. A person studying in Canada MUST provide a copy of their Student Permit.

If your country of citizenship issues a national identity card, you MUST include the details of the card on your application form and provide a clear copy of the card as an attached, supporting document.

NOTE:  Please do NOT send original documents. Refer to Item 4 below.

3. Label free grants

Please do NOT send your actual passport with your application. Instead, please forward a clear and legible copy of the biodata page of your passport. If your application is approved, the visa will be granted label free.

For more information on the label-free arrangements, please refer to the Electronic visa record page in the Department of Immigration and  Border Protection website.

NOTE: Should you decide to send your original passport, it will be sent back by regular mail.

4. Please submit copies of required supporting documents with your application

Please do NOT send originals of your documents particularly your identity documents such as passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate and the like.

Exception: Applications for Australian citizenship by descent on paper MUST be accompanied by certified or notarised copies of supporting documents.

Complete applications are likely to be processed more quickly. Incomplete applications may be delayed or, in some cases, refused.

5. How to submit your application

By Mail:
Department of Home Affairs
Australian High Commission
Suite 1301, 50 O’Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario

In Person:
At the reception desk in the Australian High Commission, Ottawa
NOTE: The receptionist is only able to accept your application and is unable to answer any visa or immigration related questions.

6. Delivery and/or return of original documents (including Australian citizenship extracts/certificates)

To ensure the speedy and secure delivery and/or return of original documents (Australian citizenship extracts/certificates) following the processing of your application, please provide the following:

a. For within Canada:
- provide a prepaid self addressed Express Post or Priority Courier envelope available from any Canada Post outlet.
    - please make sure the envelope is large enough to contain your passport(s) and all the documents to be returned to you.

NOTE: If you do not provide the above, we will return your original documents by REGULAR MAIL which means that we will not be able to track the progress of the delivery of your documents once the package leaves our office.

b. For the Caribbean, Mexico or Central America:
We will return original documents by regular mail. We may return passports by Federal Express or DHL only when an account number and the account holder's name is provided.

If you are using a third party’s account number, you MUST provide that party’s written and signed authorisation to charge the courier costs to their account. If you do not have an account, you MUST open one and provide the requested details with your application. Please note:
1. You should indicate that you wish to open a ‘Personal’ account.
2. The account MUST be associated to a valid credit card that is in the name of the person opening the courier account.
3. The account must be valid for delivery/import into the country of destination.
4. You should indicate that documents (not passports) are being shipped.
5. You MUST provide a street address for delivery as they will not deliver to PO boxes 


Please note that we will not be able to track the progress of the delivery of your documents once the package leaves our office.