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Maritime Scams

Maritime Scams

Please be aware of email, internet and telephone hoaxes and scams.

The department has been made aware of a scam where a seafarer receives an email with a job offer from a scammer purporting to be from a cruise company.

The scammers are known to charge large sums of money (the equivalent of several thousand Australian dollars), to allegedly arrange an employment contract and visa for employment on maritime vessels travelling to or working in Australia.

Some of these scammers entice clients by showing them what appears to be valid visas on our departmental website. However, where these visas are obtained based on fraudulent claims they are subject to cancellation.

Some of the scams also imply that the scammers are collecting the money for the department or the department require the fees be paid.

If the information requested appears to be suspicious, please contact the relevant cruise company directly to verify if the job offer is legitimate. Use official contact details for the company. Do not use the contact details that have been received from the job offer correspondence.

More information about working in Australia is available on the department's website.

Suspected scams can be reported to SCAM watch. It is an independent website run by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Related information is available on the AMSA website.